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I’m constantly reading the latest scientific evidence about health. I strongly believe in scientific evidence based nutrition and health advice. Here I share nutrition information you can trust, as knowledge really is power. My aim is to show you which nutrition headlines have some good quality scientific evidence behind them and help you identify the ‘fact’ from the ‘fiction’. I’m a passionate advocate for nutrition education, using my skills as a Lecturer to share information to enable you to eat for health.

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As a lecturer in nutrition and culinary science and former doctor, I’m passionate about sharing knowledge. I designed and wrote a unique degree for the ‘chef of the future’, combining nutrition, health and culinary skills, in the first of its kind in the UK.

“The content of this degree will set the benchmark for the ‘chef of the future’ and this is the exact type of qualification that we want our employees to have.”

Ben Creek, Director of Operations UK & Ireland, Food+ by Compass for Google 

That’s why I’ve developed a range of evidence based nutrition courses on that are based on ‘fact not fiction’. I have video courses and educational videos for children here.

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