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I’m delighted to have launched my own podcast called “Eating for Health”, centred around talking about science backed nutrition and health. Thank you for all your support and helping it make the top 10 UK nutrition podcast charts.

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Skin with Dr Thivi Maruthappu 🩺 Eating for Health

It was a pleasure to talk with Thivi on my podcast this week about all things skin. Dr Thivi Maruthappu MA MBBS FRCP PhD is a leading Consultant Dermatologist and expert voice in the field of Skin Nutrition. She studied Medicine at Oxford University and holds a Certificate in Nutrition Science from Stanford, USA. With over a decade of experience as a Dermatologist, Thivi trained at many prestigious centres and for several years led the care of patients with severe and advanced skin conditions at Barts Health NHS Trust, one of the largest healthcare providers in the UK. Drawing on her clinical acumen as well as the latest cutting-edge advances, Thivi has carefully curated a 360°approach to skin health, that is much sought after in her Practice. Dr Thivi is a dedicated academic researcher, who has published widely in prominent medical journals and her scientific advances have garnered numerous accolades and awards from the British Association of Dermatologists and the Royal Society of Medicine. She recently became the first Dermatologist to receive funding for Skin Nutrition research at King’s College, London. An authority on all things skin, Dr Thivi is invited to lecture nationally and internationally by both her Medical and Nutritionist colleagues. She is frequently featured in the media, including The Sunday Times, Vogue, The Guardian and BBC Radio and works with international brands such as L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble to provide an Expert insight into media campaigns in addition to charitable endeavours for the British Skin Foundation. In her free time, you’ll find Thivi in the kitchen, happily experimenting with new recipes to share with her husband and three sons. If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!⁠
  1. Skin with Dr Thivi Maruthappu 🩺
  2. All types of food and more with Dame Prue Leith
  3. Omega 3 and neurodiversity with Professor Amanda Kirby 🧠
  4. Breastfeeding and Tilbea 🤱
  5. Obesity, candida and reflux with Dr Chris George 🩺

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Guest Podcasts

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Hear me talking with Dr Rupy about collagen supplements, acne, the gut-skin connection, rosacea and improving gut health.

Newson Health Podcast

Was a pleasure talking to Dr Louise Newson, GP and menopause expert about the importance of nutrition and menopause.

doctor's kitchen rupy aujla harriet holme healthy eating dr

The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast

Hear me talking with Dr Rupy about healthy carbohydrates, the importance of diet for fertility, dairy, omega 3, and the links between nutrition and genetics.

The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show

It was such a pleasure to talk with Liz about nutrition as a mum, vitamins, nutrigenetics and more.

top ten nutrition podcast eating for health

Ask EII #ASKELL podcast on Apple Podcasts

Focusing on women’s health with Elliott Reid, osteopath.

top ten nutrition podcast eating for health

The Style Stories Podcast with Personal Stylist Lisa Gillbe

I talked with Lisa about diet and the menopause with practical tips on how to improve your bone and cardiovascular health, and tips.

top ten nutrition podcast eating for health

Dr Orlena’s Fit and Fabulous

Great to chat again with Dr Orlena about but this time on the importance of nutrition and what to eat during pregnancy.

Live interview with Liz Earle

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