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I’m delighted to have launched my own podcast called “Eating for Health”, centred around talking about science backed nutrition and health. Thank you for all your support and helping it make the top 10 UK nutrition podcast charts.

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Breastfeeding and Tilbea 🤱 Eating for Health

This week I’m delighted to welcome two sisters Claire and Nicky, a stylist and former criminal barrister who founded the award winning clothing brand Tilbea. The brand was conceived after Claire had her first baby, and found a gap in the market for breast feeding friendly clothes, that looked and felt great. We are going to talk firstly about their breastfeeding experiences, about the importance and benefits associated with breastfeeding, and then find out more about their brand. I’m also really excited to launch a a giveaway to say thank you to the 10 thousand people following me on Instagram, and Tilbea have very kindly donated a stunning tracksuit. If you aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s still worth entering as they have different options, including a regular fit too. Have a look here and see my instagram for how to enter.  For more information about breastmilk and the infant microbiome have a look at the health articles section on my website. If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!⁠
  1. Breastfeeding and Tilbea 🤱
  2. Obesity, candida and reflux with Dr Chris George 🩺
  3. Omega 3 with Sarah Ann Macklin
  4. Bowel Cancer with @doctorsgetcancertoo 🥦
  5. Brain health with Kimberley Wilson 🧠

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doctor's kitchen rupy aujla harriet holme healthy eating dr

The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast

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top ten nutrition podcast eating for health

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top ten nutrition podcast eating for health

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top ten nutrition podcast eating for health

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Live interview with Liz Earle

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