Can You Boost Your Metabolism Now?

I’m delighted to have written a guest post for Rhitirition on boosting metabolism fact or fiction, discussing the difference between metabolic rate and metabolism and why it matters. I’m often asked about boosting metabolism and I’m sure you have seen the headlines about how to boost your metabolism to achieve quick weight loss. But what are the facts and what is fiction, and can you boost your metabolism to lose weight? Is a slow metabolism the reason behind weight gain?

So if you have the following questions, this article is for you:

Are you concerned you have a slow metabolism and that is linked to weight gain?

Did you know that calorie restriction can actually slow down your metabolic rate, meaning that it is harder to lose weight?

Have you thought about taking ‘metabolism boosters’?

Do you know how gut health impacts maintaining a healthy weight?

Your metabolism describes all the chemical processes that occur every second in your body, in order to keep you alive and functioning normally.

boost metabolism to lose weight

The word metabolism is often used interchangeably with basal metabolic rate, which is the number of calories you burn. Most people though when they think of metabolism, associate it with weight gain and weight loss.

Find out more:

  • The difference between metabolism and metabolic rate
  • Metabolism and burning energy
  • How are metabolic rate and weight linked?
  • How exercise impacts metabolic rate
  • Managing weight
  • Microbiota and their role in metabolism
  • Metabolic rate boosting supplements
  • Can you boost metabolism to lose weight
  • Summary with lots of practical tips to support your health, microbiota and a healthy weight.

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boosting metabolism fact or fiction

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