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Eat for Health with Healthy Eating Doctor

Looking to improve your health?

Eat for health with science backed nutrition and Dr Harriet Holme, Healthy Eating Doctor.

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I chose the name of my business ‘Healthy Eating doctor’ to convey that I’m a doctor, who integrates nutrition, health and scientific evidence, to help you eat for health.

There are healthy choices that you could be making now which mean a rich array of tasty nutritious food, that may improve the quality of your life and reduce your future risk of disease.

I know how difficult it can be to eat healthily, and also find credible dietary information at different stages of your life.

Healthy Eating Dr is a leading private nutrition clinic specialising in weight management, disordered eating, gut health, diabetes, PCOS, menopause along with pre and post-natal nutrition.


The most valuable feature of consultation with Harriet was having confidence that I would get to the root of the problem. She was able to give me different options to try, plenty of information due to her impressive knowledge and continued support following on from my consultation.



Harriet Has helped me greatly with my nutrition journey whilst I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my third trimester. I understood far more about how to manage my meals and more nutritious eating after consulting her. It has helped me have a more healthy relationship with my food and I will carry on this way even after baby is born. Her recipes and snacking ideas were also excellent. 


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Alternatively learn more about nutrition and healthy via my video course.

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Read evidence based articles on the science of nutrition and health.

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Listen to the Eating for Health podcast, sharing science backed nutrition and health information.

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In a recent study, 90% of women in early pregnancy (less than 12 weeks) were found to have incorrect knowledge about pregnancy nutrition. That’s why I wrote these books to support women through pregnancy and beyond.

I’ve designed a range of free nutrition planners and checklists for different stages of life including: vegan, fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, PCOS and adult.

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About Me

I studied medicine at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, was a paediatric doctor for over a decade and I completed a PhD in cancer genetics.

I am a Registered Nutritionist, specialising in Nutrition Science, with the Association for Nutrition, and have an accreditation for Applied Human Nutrition from The University of Cambridge. I no longer practice as a doctor, but instead provide nutritional consultancy, and lecture on culinary science and nutrition. Get in touch to book a consultation with me today.

Doctor Harriet Holme MA Hons Cantab MBBS Lond MRCPCH(2009) PhD RNutr


Personalised Nutrition

My advice is based on the latest science. My aim is to provide a personalised nutrition advice, with a practical approach to enjoying tasty real food for life to improve your health.

Since everyone has a unique makeup shaped by their genes, lifestyle, gut microbes and medical history, I provide a personalised nutrition advice and appointment service that is tailored to you as an individual and your needs.

My expertise is nutrition science, focusing on assisting people address specific health concerns, with science backed nutrition. This includes weight loss, pre-operative optimisation, post-operative recovery, fertility, cancer, PCOS, the menopause, during and after pregnancy. Personalised nutrition that is evidence backed is key.

For personalised nutrition support, get in touch to book a consultation with me today.


My husband and I have worked with Dr Holme in 2020 to improve our knowledge about nutrition and focus on specific dietary and lifestyle areas. Harriet’s breadth of medical and nutritional experience is impressive and reassuring. We have made some important changes to our lifestyle and look forward to continuing to work together with Harriet next year.



My biggest fear about working with Harriet was that there may be judgment over what I was eating at that point in time or that the suggestions would be too radical to implement. If you are on the fence about working with Harriet, I’d say don’t be worried that you will be judged and just focus on making small changes over time, and you will see a huge improvement without feeling like you have made massive changes.


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Clinic Information

Registered Nutritionist Doctor Harriet Holme provides one to one clinical consultations.


Initial consultation (60 minutes) and personalised healthy eating report with details of foods to include and avoid in your diet, personalised supplement suggestions, and a selection of recipes £250

Initial consultation (60 minutes), personalised healthy eating report (as above) and 2 follow-up sessions (45 minutes) £550

Ad hoc follow-up appointments (45 minutes) are £200.

Further bespoke packages with Registered Nutritionist Doctor Harriet Holme are available on request.

Blood investigations are charged on an individual basis depending on which investigations required.

How can I book an appointment?

Please use the contact page to get in touch, so I can discuss your requirements further.

Your initial consultation

Please have to hand a list of your medications, and the results of any medical tests or recent clinic letters. The initial consultation will revolve around taking a history of your regular food choices. After review at the initial consultation, I will provide you with a written personalised  healthy eating program and tailored recipe suggestions.

Where do you consult?

During the Pandemic, I have suspended my Expert Nutrition Clinic in London, and I am only consulting via video call.

What is your cancellation policy?

I operate a strict cancellation policy, and payment is required in full if the appointment is cancelled within 48 hours. 

Blood Tests

I also provide a phlebotomy service, meaning you can have blood tests in the comfort of your home or office, or at 76 Wimpole Street, London.

I look forward to helping you eat for health.


To contact me directly please complete the form below, otherwise to sign up for more fact not fiction information via my eat for health newsletter, with links to my latest health articles, podcasts, courses and more, please use this link.

I look forward to hearing from you.