5 Reasons to Buy the Eating During Pregnancy eBook now

If you want to find out about eating during pregnancy, you need to find the right answers. But it can be hard to find the credible, science backed information on pregnancy nutrition that you are looking for. Worried if it’s safe to eat raw egg, sushi or soft cheese? If this sounds like you, please feel reassured that you’re not alone. One of the challenges of finding information on the internet, is being sure it is reputable. That’s why as a Registered Nutritionist, former experienced paediatric doctor with a PhD in genetics, I wrote ‘Eating During Pregnancy’; a book that is packed full of all the information you need about what to eat, and what not to eat during pregnancy. I’ll share with you 5 compelling reasons to buy the “eating during pregnancy” ebook.

Here are 5 reasons why this pregnancy nutrition book could well be worth your investment:

1. Discover the foods you can safely eat

Are you a lover of sushi or cheese and concerned about whether these are safe to eat during pregnancy? I go through all the different groups of foods, to tell you why some are safe to enjoy, and others are best avoided. No more searching on the internet looking for advice.

5 reasons to buy eating during pregnancy -  pregnancy book

2. Save yourself some money, with my guide to the supplements you actually need

Concerned about which supplements you need and those you are wasting your money on? I discuss the different vitamins and minerals, talking through which you actually need, and those best avoided during pregnancy.

3. Tips for cravings, constipation, nausea and vomiting.

Hormones during pregnancy, can hugely change our eating habits. You might be unlucky to have nausea and vomiting, so i’ve included tips that I personally used myself, as well as science backed tips. Alternatively you might find yourself craving all sorts of unusual food combinations.

4. Is any evidence to support eating or drinking certain items to bring on labour.

Post dates and keen to get your baby out? Curious if there is any truth to raspberry tea bringing on labour.

5. Curious about how what you eat during pregnancy may affect your baby?

Find out all about foetal programming, and what it means for your baby. I talk about genetic imprinting, epigenetic modification and uni-parental disomy. Discover why these processes matter, and how they may affect your baby’s risk of developing long term chronic diseases.

Curious to See Inside?

If you love your Kindle, check out the Kindle version below, available on the Amazon store.

Or download a version from the shop on my website, which is formatted slightly differently, but has the same content.

I hope these 5 reasons to buy the eating during pregnancy ebook have helped answer your questions.

If you haven’t got my FREE meal planner and micronutrient checklist for pregnancy, get it here. (It’s also included in the book).

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