Bacteria in Breast Milk

I’m delighted to have written a guest blog for Rhitrition about breastfeeding and the friendly bacteria in breast milk (called the breast milk microbiome). As a mother of two children, I know from personal experience that breastfeeding can be tough and demanding but also very rewarding. As a former paediatrician, I’m a strong advocate for mothers to be supported without judgement however they chose to feed their baby. Equally, I do think it is vitally important for mothers to have unbiased, science backed information so that they can make an informed choice about feeding.

There are a number of key reasons how breast milk is different to formula milk, and I’ll talk through why this is important. Even more astonishingly, there is even a difference between pumped breast milk and direct transfer from the breast.

This photo was taken moments after the birth of my first child, right at the start of my breastfeeding journey.

The microbiome refers to all the microorganisms including bacteria that live in breast milk.

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