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Your health is fundamentally linked to your diet. Optimising your health is more to do with what’s on your plate than what you do for exercise. As a lecturer in nutrition and culinary science and former doctor, I’m passionate about sharing knowledge. That’s why I’ve developed a range of nutrition courses (science backed), that are based on ‘fact not fiction’. Start one of my nutrition video courses today and I will guide you to realise your health goals, enabling you to eat for health.

As a lecturer in nutrition and culinary science and former doctor, I’m passionate about sharing knowledge. I designed and wrote a unique degree for the ‘chef of the future’, combining nutrition, health and culinary skills, in the first of its kind in the UK.

“The content of this degree will set the benchmark for the ‘chef of the future’ and this is the exact type of qualification that we want our employees to have.”

Ben Creek, Director of Operations UK & Ireland, Food+ by Compass for Google 

Nutrition Courses

I’m delighted to be working in partnership with Andrea McLean’s wellness site Official This Girl Is On Fire to be providing evidence based online nutrition courses on healthy eating:

Nutrition Myth Busting video course

The Science Behind What to Eat to Feel Your Best video course


I’m passionate about providing science back nutrition information, as I believe we should all have access to the knowledge and power to improve our health. I lecture on culinary arts and nutrition at graduate level. Using these educational skills, I create educational videos about nutrition for children available on my IGTV. Depending on your needs I can provide an educational package.

Guest Podcasts

Invited guest on Dr Orlena Kerek’s podcast. Dr Orelna is a pediatric doctor turned health and weight loss coach. She teaches busy mums to lead a healthy life style so that they can feel fit and fabulous.

Ask EII #ASKELL podcast on Apple Podcasts

Focusing on women’s health with Elliott Reid, osteopath.

The Style Stories Podcast with Personal Stylist Lisa Gillbe

I was delighted to talk with Lisa about diet and the menopause with practical tips on how to improve your bone and cardiovascular health, and tips.

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Have you seen my Free Resources designed to give you a general frame work for your nutritional needs. I know how difficult it can be to eat healthily, and also find credible dietary information. There are guides for pregnancy, breastfeeding, polycystic ovary syndrome and menopause.

For more educational information take a look at my ‘fact not fiction’ nutrition and wellness health articles.