In addition to consulting for private clients, I also work with other nutrition start-up businesses, and provide expert nutrition opinion for industry.

Links to Associated Companies

Nuki Health

I work with Nuki Health to provide an early years weaning online support solution. In addition to lots of free resources, parents can request a video call with a BDA registered dietician.


Along side the physical side of eating well, is the psychological element. I work with Body-Talks, an innovative psychological programme designed by medical professionals that uses scientific knowledge to help you manage and achieve your ideal body weight.

Corporate Wellbeing

I can provide a corporate package tailored to the needs of the company. A healthy and energetic workforce benefits all and is achievable with pragmatic solutions. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Expert Opinion

I am available to provide an expert opinion to both digital and press media, including critical review of the latest scientific publications and trend prediction.

Brand Ambassador

I welcome the opportunity to work with brands and businesses. Please contact me to discuss further.

Discount Codes

I’m delighted to be able to share with you a Biomel discount code. Biomel is a diary free kefir drink. For free delivery on your first purchase of Biomel dairy-free kefir, use the code ‘healthyeatingdr’.

olly murs biomel discount code
Olly Murs and Biomel diary free probiotic shots.

Try the delicious Pep and Lekker plant based snacks with 10% off their products when you shop via their website with the discount code 5MHEANB.