I love working with clients either in person, or through my courses and share their happiness in improving their health and wellbeing. See what my clients had to say in their testimonials below and on Trust Pilot here.

My husband and I have worked with Dr Holme in 2020 to improve our knowledge about nutrition and focus on specific dietary and lifestyle areas. Harriet’s breadth of medical and nutritional experience is impressive and reassuring. We have made some important changes to our lifestyle and look forward to continuing to work together with Harriet next year.


Once again I had a very helpful consultation with Dr Harriet Holme. Before our consultation I sent an email with my list of questions so that we made sure to answer them all, and in my report that she sent me the same day she also took the time to answer each question so that I always the ability to read it over again. She also sent me the supplements I asked about for myself and my baby after she’s born, how the baby’s needs would differ in supplementing if she were to be exclusively breastfed versus if she had formula as well. I felt comfortable and reassured by Dr Holme’s approach and she tailored each session we have had to the specific concerns I had each time. I would whole heartedly recommend her to everyone, whether pregnant, breastfeeding, raising toddlers, facing any health issues and beyond.


I’d unreservedly recommend Dr Harriet. She was honest and transparent, and clearly knows her stuff. Seen long-term responses with her guidance and I’m delighted. Provided excellent support, going above and beyond.


“I am extremely pleased that I found Dr Holme and consulted her about my two sons’ diets. I had previously tried to find out what I should do by researching online and asking friends for their thoughts, but nothing was as valuable as Dr Holme’s guidance, and I wish I had asked her earlier. Dr Holme has a rare combination of experience in different fields of paediatrics, plus knowledge of children’s behaviour and family dynamics that make her advice realistic and actionable. She is up to date on the latest research studies and uses that information to optimise the advice she gives you, so the information you are being given is far ahead of government guidelines. 

As a family we incorporated Dr Holme’s advice into our daily lives and I can honestly say that five months later we are still seeing the benefits. Although it only took one session to see a difference, I look forward to consulting with Dr Holme again, as my sons’ needs change.”


“Thank you so much, before I was confused by how to eat healthily, but Harriet’s practical approach has simplified everything and helped me feel so much better.”


“Before my consultation with Dr Harriet Holme I felt confused and a bit overwhelmed by all the different weaning information and nutrition guidelines for babies. Now I feel excited to start weaning, and much more informed. I found her approach to be warm, very knowledgable with a sense of humour that made the session really enjoyable. I am excited to have further sessions if and when other questions pop up during this new journey!”


“Your guidance and support has been invaluable. We now eat consistently well instead of trying to eat perfectly and failing”


“Harriet provides sensible, practical advice to make small adjustments in your diet, that add up to big changes”


“highly recommended”


“Loved Harriet’s science backed approach and recommended her to my friends!”


“I would without a doubt thoroughly recommend Dr Harriet Holme. Harriet gave me great advice for issues I was having with eating after a major operation. Harriet forwarded suggestions to me about new foods and supplements for me to try which have been invaluable. She also helped me understand some technical medical information understanding underlying issues after a MRI scan. I would strongly recommend Dr Harriet to anybody suffering from eating allergies or disorders.