Pregnancy Nutrition Ebook



For many women, pregnancy can be a time which focuses their mind on what they are eating. With so much conflicting information available online about pregnancy nutrition, it can also be difficult to sift the fact from fiction.

In a recent study, 90% of women in early pregnancy (less than 12 weeks) were found to have incorrect knowledge about nutrition. If you are searching for credible information, look no further, as this book is just for you. The information is based on the latest guidance and scientific evidence.


  • How to eat well in pregnancy
  • Which supplements you need and those you don’t
  • Which foods to enjoy and which to avoid
  • Tips for nausea and vomiting
  • Tips for constipation
  • What are cravings and why do they matter
  • Should you choose organic or not
  • Can food or drink induce labour?
  • Healthy weight gain during pregnancy
  • Pregnancy meal planner and nutrition checklist

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