Postpartum Nutrition: An Expert’s Guide to Eating After a Baby

Credible, science backed information on how to master eating for your health after you have a baby, and beyond to include starting weaning.

With so much conflicting information available online about nutrition after you have had a baby, it can be difficult to sift the fact from fiction.

Dr Harriet Holme studied medicine at the University of Cambridge and has over a decade of experience as a paediatric doctor. Additionally, she has a PhD in genetics from University College London. Harriet is a Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition and was commissioned to write the first degree of it’s kind combining culinary, nutrition and health.

As a mother herself, who breastfeed and had babies with cow’s milk protein allergy, she wrote this book to help other mums-to-be to have easy access to all the information they need, without endless searching on the internet.

If you are searching for credible information, look no further, as Harriet’s book ‘Postpartum Nutrition, A Expert’s Guide to Eating After a Baby’ is just for you.

The book is packed full of information based on the latest guidance and scientific evidence, with practical tips to help you and your baby eat for health. Imagine having the confidence that you are making the best possible choices to feed you and your baby.

Postpartum Nutrition: An Expert’s Guide to Eating After a Baby

By the end of this book you will understand:

  • how to eat well after birth and support your nutrient needs for long term health
  • which vitamins and minerals you need to focus on for your health
  • your nutrition while breastfeeding, and which nutrients you need more of
  • the benefits of breastmilk for both you and your baby
  • about drinking alcohol while breastfeeding
  • about cow’s milk protein allergy and reflux
  • placental encapsulation – what is the evidence of benefit?
  • tips for helping with constipation
  • about choosing organic food?
  • which vitamins does your baby need?
  • how and when to start weaning, designed to give you all the confidence you need
  • about vegan and vegetarian weaning and how to support your baby’s nutrient needs
  • how to choose a plant-based milk
  • about the postpartum body
  • weight loss after giving birth
  • metabolism and metabolic rate and how this relates to weight
  • weight gain after birth
  • when it is safe to start exercising
  • exercise in children

Foreword by General Practitioner, Dr Preeya Alexander.

“As a mother and general practitioner, I know how tricky the postpartum period can be. Knowing what to eat and how to support the body in the postpartum period can be very difficult, particularly when new mothers are swamped with information, and exhausted juggling their new child’s needs with their own.

Harriet has beautifully broken down what the body (both mum and baby’s) needs in the postpartum period. She gives you the nuts and bolts so that you can make informed choices when it comes to diet and food choices.

I connected with Harriet on Instagram and have always admired the way she breaks down complex information around nutrition and medicine to give people bite-sized easy to digest information.

I wish I had read this before doing the postpartum journey all over again quite recently. Whilst I know some of it, having what the body needs, broken down in a clear and concise manner, reminds the exhausted ‘mum brain’ how to best support the body when it comes to nutrition.

This is a really helpful guide for mothers – I just wish I had read it sooner!”

Dr Preeya Alexander MBBS FRACGP

Reviews (as reviewed on Amazon – see here for original reviews)

Insightful book.

Fantastic book full of insightful help on navigating a process that can be somewhat difficult. Helped me feel far more in control and help me understand the benefits of making the correct choices. Wonderful.

Matilda H

Accessible reading for a healthy and relevant diet after a baby.

Good to know that the author writes not only from medical knowledge but also from a personal point of view. I also appreciate that the texts are evidence-based, supported by scientific research. That is added value for me.


Very well written.

I wish I’d found this with my first child, as this is such a helpful book. Well written, clear sections, lots of useful information but a friendly format.

Sohier L.

Must read for new and seasoned mothers.

A crucial guide simple to follow inspired piece of work! Essential read for any mother. Read and be inspired! If you want to know what nutrition is good for you when you are a mother, you have to read this book. Thank you for sharing this, Dr Holme!

Mr L.