Life is busy, and with news headlines bombarding us on an almost daily basis about the latest health fad, or ‘superfood’ it can be hard to know how to improve your health choices. Instead of following restrictive diets, detox drinks, and supplements, I am able to provide you with with personalised science backed nutrition information about healthy eating which is practical to follow and tasty. My advice is based on facts not fiction, to enable you improve your diet and your health, so you can eat for health.

In addition to general health and wellness, I can also assist with specific health concerns such as fertility, food allergies, breast feeding, post-operative rehabilitation, exclusion diets and cancer.

As part of an exclusive bespoke service I also provide a complete nutrition package, with a personal executive chef to prepare specific meals and snacks to meet all your needs.

On my Health page, I also share information that you might find helpful about intermittent fasting, vitamin C and immunity, and tips for every day healthy eating. I also have science backed nutrition courses.

Please contact me to book a video consultation.

My husband and I have worked with Dr Holme in 2020 to improve our knowledge about nutrition and focus on specific dietary and lifestyle areas. Harriet’s breadth of medical and nutritional experience is impressive and reassuring. We have made some important changes to our lifestyle and look forward to continuing to work together with Harriet next year.