How to Boost your Testosterone and does Vitamin D help

Today I’m going to do some #mythbusting and talk about vitamin D and whether it boosts testosterone. We know that having normal levels of vitamin D are incredibly important for normal functioning of up to 20% of our genes but what is the evidence about testosterone. I’ll also tell you how you can boost your testosterone and why weight bearing exercises still matter.

What is Testosterone

Testosterone is an important hormone for men, which is important for physical appearance, sexual function and also muscle mass. As men age, their levels of testosterone slowly decline. There has been lots of recent interest that vitamin D supplementation may increase testosterone, which was an attractive concept.  ⁠

What is the evidence about vitamin D boosting testosterone?

A double blind, placebo-controlled randomised study to look to see if there was an association with Vitamin D supplementation and testosterone in 100 healthy men, did not find an association. This type of trial is the gold standard for research and means that men were chosen by chance to either receive vitamin D supplementation or placebo, and that both the medical staff and trial participants were prevented from knowing who received what until the trial had finished. This means that it is highly unlikely there is any positive correlation between vitamin D and testosterone. ⁠

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How to Boost Your Testosterone

Even though vitamin D is unlikely to boost your testosterone levels, it is still important to keep it the normal range for optimum health. The best way to boost your testosterone is do weight bearing exercises.  ⁠

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